VibroLog vibration monitoring


Vibration monitoring system

Vibrolog capteur surveillance vibratoire chantier Cementys

Vibration monitoring of your infrastructures and construction sites

The VibroLog is a sensor for vibration monitoring. It is designed to monitor construction sites as well as large road and rail infrastructures.

It is composed of a robust, durable (30h autonomy) and waterproof (IP65) vibrometer ready to be placed in any type of terrain.

Easy access to data and measurement parameters is possible at any time, thanks to its Wifi, 3G and GPS connections.

The event detection system integrated in the VibroLog device allows to send SMS alerts automatically in case of exceedances.

The data display via the THMInsight platform offers a simplified, efficient and continuous vibration monitoring.


VibroLog can be used to monitor and protect:

      • Construction and demolition sites
      • Road, airport and underground infrastructures
      • Sensitive buildings and equipment

Concerned Structures

Pont Cementys infrastructure monitoring auscultation
Immeuble infra Cementys monitoring
Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys