Cementys auscultation monitoring instrumentation surveillance tunnel pont rail barrage
Cementys provides services for your infrastructure: .

Cementys group is the leading player in Structural Health Monitoring services for infrastructure and industrial assets. We offer superior quality tech enabled services for Contractors and Asset owners :

In situ measurements & expertise : Technical assessment, inspections and surveys
Structural Health Monitoring systems for transport and energy infrastructures
Comprehensive Environnemental services : Noise, vibration, water pollution, geotechnical investigation, topographic survey
Data visualisation & interpretation : Proprietary survey and maintenance software, real-time online monitoring solutions with 24/7 on-call support
Integrated digital platform : Data science applications, automated infrastructure ageing analysis, SaaS for maintenance, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence

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At Cementys, we provide monitoring solutions adapted to your security, environmental, social or economic issues.

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