Underwater inspection by ROV: Pumping station aqueducts – Complex Port Site

CEMENTYS intervened to carry out an underwater inspection of a pumping station’s aqueducts in a complex industrial site.

Inspection subaquatique par ROV Cementys

Our team intervened to identify the general condition and structural disorders of the various submerged circuits, each measuring more than a hundred metres in length and with many bends.

As the site could not put its pumping station out of service, our team had to inspect the various aqueducts depending on the activity of the basins.

During the inspection, numerous videos and high definition shots were taken, thanks to the directional camera, in order to remove doubts regarding various possible causes of deterioration of the submerged parts.

With an autonomy of several hours, our underwater ROV has demonstrated its ability to inspect the condition of valves, civil engineering or small submerged pipelines. 


This device avoids divers’ intervention and thus makes underwater inspections more accessible.

Inspection subaquatique par ROV Cementys

Means used to carry out this mission :

  • 1 ROV equipped with an HD camera
  • 2 ROV experts
ROV Cementys