The Stade de France in the era of the Scan to BIM

The Stade de France in the era of the Scan to BIM

State of the art :

BIM = Building Information Modeling – is a process supported by various tools, technologies and contracts involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places

In the Scan to BIM process, the scanner is used to capture a 3D state of an infrastructure or an environment with precise data. These are then imported into a 3D modeling environment to create as-built models or to report about real-world conditions.

As defined by the B1M standard, Scan to BIM is: “the process of physical space or site 3D scanning used for creating an accurate digital representation of it. This representation can later be used for designing, measuring progress or evaluating options”.

In this context CEMENTYS collaborates with its client in the framework of the project for the Stade de France to produce a multidisciplinary BIM model of this project (with our partner Topcon and the GTL-1000 station).


Passerelle stade de france monitoring Cementys
Stade de France Cementys monitoring scan 3D BIM

Multidisciplinary model of the project

For the purpose of an identical reconstruction, the BIM model, created for the Stade de France project, will serve as a benchmark for compliance. Therefore, it has to be exhaustive and perfectly implemented.

Initially, an architectural model was created in order to reflect the geometry of the project directly from the 3D scan. It was then completed with the addition of the various reinforcements constituting the structural skeleton of the project. Finally, various networks and systems (plumbing, electricity and fire safety) have been added.

Multidisciplinarity is essential to meet the specific needs of all professionals on the project : architects, electricians, civil engineers, specialized engineers… etc. For this project, a parametric modeling with a LoD 400 was retained.

Cementys engineers, experts in data acquisition, use high precision technology to capture all these details at their absolute XYZ position.

3D scan captures reality with unprecedented resolution:

Cementys BIM Scan 3D Stade de France

Point cloud gradient rendering:

Using this technology, several gradients can be extracted as elevation gradients for the topography and dip of the project as well as thermal gradients to monitor the thermal state of different structures of the project.

Cementys BIM Scan 3D Stade de France 2

The segmentation and extraction of the project facades:

A processing chain for retrieving objects has been set up to match the object-oriented approach for the Stade de France.

This is possible thanks to the segmentation of our point cloud on the basis of both geometric and radiometric criteria.

Using its expertise in the field, CEMENTYS has established a quality process that enables Scan to BIM mission to be carried out successfully.

Effectiveness, quality and efficiency are the key words in this process.

Cementys Scan to Bim process Stade de France