Newsletter – January 2019

newsletter january 2019 Cementys
 Cementys Group: a new organization toward customer needs 
A travers ses 3 branches, le Through three different branches, Cementys group offers a variety of monitoring activities :
GEOTYS = Geotechnical Monitoring
CEMENTYS = Asset Integrity Monitoring
SENSOPTIX = Fiber Optic Sensors and Interrogators
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newsletter january 2019 Cementys

Next Professional Training in Paris :
Instrumentation Technologies and Structural Health Monitoring

April, 2nd and 3rd, 2019 – 1450€ – Detailed Program

newsletter january 2019 Cementys

Cementys is organizing a training session for Civil Engineers and Energy facility managers. Field-oriented and practical, this professional training will provide all the basic information you need to know about Structural Health Monitoring within the Energy Industry (Nuclear facilities, Oil&Gas infrastructure, Wind Turbines, Hydraulic Dams, and Electricity Power Grids) and the Construction sector (Tunnels, Bridges, Roads, Waterways, Harbors)

The course is divided into two sessions :
Day 1: Sensor Technologies and Monitoring strategies
Day 2: Demonstrations and Case Studies within different industries

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Label HappyIndex® / AtWork

We are happy to inform you that we obtain the 2019 HappyIndex® / AtWork by ChooseMyCompany.

The index promotes companies where people are happiest and motivated at work.

Reviews and scores are given exclusively by employees, who evaluate their company on 6 dimensions.

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We are hiring!

At Cementys, we are always on the lookout for motivated new talents. We provide a supportive environment to help you develop talents, acquire new skills and enjoy yourself!

We offer opportunities to create your own career path with fast career development.

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Our New Subsidiary: GEOTYS

newsletter january 2019 Cementys

GEOTYS offers technical services in Geotechnical Monitoring

Founded in December 2018, GEOTYS offers a wide variety of automatic monitored geotechnical instrumentations.

Three dedicated teams are now available to install geotechnical instruments on different construction sites.

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International Project

newsletter january 2019 Cementys

Offshore Riser Tension Monitoring

Late 2018, Cementys engineering team finalized its first deepwater riser real-time monitoring project.

The instrumentation operation took place in the Gulf of Mexico, on an existing Tendon Leg Platform (TLP), exposed to frequent Loop Current events.

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Professional Training:

 Monitoring of Specific Defense Infrastructure 

SID Cementys

A 2-day customized training

Since November 2018, Cementys organized new military training sessions every month, at Palaiseau’s Campus for the French Army Corps of Engineers (SID department of French Army).

Hundreds of Military Engineers will attend this 2-day training program to inspect and monitor specific military assets (harbors, dams, reservoirs, railways, bridges, nuclear facilities, airport runways).

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9 rue Léon Blum
91120 Palaiseau

Communication & Training Manager
Godefroy Regnier