Montgolfier 2015 – Physics Arts

Medaille Montgolfier 2015 - Physiques - Vincent Lamour

Vincent Lamour, CEO, and founder of Cementys received March 26 the Mongolfier award 2015 of physics arts.

Presented to the comity by Mr. Cornillault, President of the Comity for physics art at the SEIN (Encouragement Society for the National Industry, France), Vincent Lamour was elected award winner of the physics arts group.

The Mongolfier awards were created to bring attention to rising stars, both companies, and people, for it would be in France benefit to make them more famous. Mr. Mousson, president of the SEIN, handed out the Mongolfier 2015 medals in the auditorium where, in March 1895, the Lumiere brothers did the first projection of their invention: the cinema.

Mongolfier 2015 award winners:

–        Comity for Chemical arts: Renault Mosdale, President of PAXITECH

–        Comity for agriculture and agricultural industry: George Oxley, President of SOS SOIL

–        Comity for Economical arts: Nicolas Hazard, President of Comptoir de l’Innovation

–        Comity for Physics arts: Vincent Lamour, President, and founder of CEMENTYS

–        Comity for communication and training: Anne Lalou and Laurent Tran Van Lieu, from Groupe STUDIALIS

Each award winner was presented in a few minutes, then, after a projection of their presentation video, was awarded the Mongolfier medals and gave a speech to share their experiences.

Vidéo presenting Cementys (in French):

About the Montgolfier prize:
The name Mongolfier (inventors of the hot air balloon) represents the ideas of ascension, innovation, initiatives, perseverance, and courage while facing the possible risks. The MONGOLFIER awards, coming from the Mongolfier Brothers (one of them founded the SEIN in 1801), were created to bring a spotlight on rising stars companies from the economic, industrial and commercial worlds, to make them famous internationally and participate in national proud.

À propos de la SEIN:
The Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale (Encouragement Society for the National Industry) is an association created in 1824. Its mission is to stimulate Frances’ economical development, to initiate technological innovation and to encourage entrepreneurship. It is for that purpose that the CHAPTAL and the MONGOLIFIER awards were created. The SEIN contributed directly to the economic development of France during the XIX century in areas as wide as the first railroads or the first infrastructures for production and distribution of energy.

Its action is very important for patents and standardization. The SEIN had a pioneering role for different French structures such as the ANVAR (for research valorization), the INPI (the French Patent office), the BPI (French investment bank) and the National Testing Laboratories. The SEIN has kept the same objectives since its creation and continues its mission to escort the big industrial, economical and social mutations.