Instrumentation of an Airport Bridge in France

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Instrumentation of an Airport Bridge in France

Cementys was mandated by a french Airport to enhanced surveillance of two galleries located below an Airport Runway which will operate the aircraft of international destinations planes.

The Airport Runway is a prestressed concrete slab bridge type structure, which must be able to withstand landing gear loads of 600 tons. Cementys monitoring system aims to watch and understand the behavior of the bridge under mechanical effects (creep cable, solicitation cycle in aircraft landing + takeoff) and thermal effect (high thermal gradient).

Cementys installed its vibrating wire deformation sensors MicroVib® at strategic points of the concrete elements. Any strain of the structure is thus measured. The measurement data is sent via GSM modem to our secure server, studied and transcribed on our THMInsight® customer view interface.

The instrumentation implemented provides durable, precise and real-time measurements (05μ/m resolution, thermally correlated with a vibrating wire technology). Easy to install, it is perfectly adapted to customer installation conditions and needs. Also, the monitoring system allows Asset Owner to initiate strengthening or maintenance operations in case of alerts, received by emails or SMS.