Cementys participates to the event ASIA 2020 Hydropower and Dams Conference

Event ASIA 2020 Hydropower and Dams Conference - Cementys

Cementys will participate to the conference, represented by a delegation of its team in Hanoï. Asia is the world’s ‘hydro leader’, with 607 GW in operation, and 88 GW under construction.

As with the previous conferences in this series, which took place in Bangkok, Danang, Kuching, Chiang Mai, Colombo, Vientiane and Danang (again), the emphasis will be on helping to turn renewable energy and water resources development policies into practice. By bringing together a multidisciplinary group of international experts to focus on issues of specific relevance to Asia, the objective is to stimulate new partnerships with those who are engaged in promoting, planning, financing, developing, constructing, supplying or studying water resources and renewable energy schemes in Asia.

The topics will be environment, development opportunities, civil design and construction, maintenance, risk management, climate, tunnels and underground works, hazards and challenging sites, dam safety, etc.

As you can see, monitoring is at the hearth of the matter

Cementys ASIA 2020 Kuala Lumpur
Cementys ASIA 2020 Kuala Lumpur 2

This event will attract around 700 participants from more than 45 countries, about the latest developments in water resources and renewable energy development. Cementys will make a publication and a conference on structural health monitoring of ageing dams, to reduce risks and costs. Statistical studies show a strong correlation between serious dam accidents and lack of an efficient monitoring. We explain that dam security depends on an adequate conception, a correct execution, but also a careful surveillance and maintenance. Apart exceptional events (flood, seism, etc.), dam bursts occurring in operation are always preceded with warning signs that express the structure ageing. These signs are perceptible months, or even years before the rupture. For this reason, dam surveillance is essential to prevent accidents by enabling to track the long-term behaviour (damaging, ageing) and to detect, as soon as possible, phenomena that evolve quickly (pathologic behaviour). Detection and measurement of ageing processes enable to master associated risks and to reduce their happening probability.

Cementys will hold an exhibition stand to present its products, services and solutions.

For information : initially scheduled for March, the event will take place in June.

Even if you don’t come to Kuala Lumpur in March 2020, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to collaborate with Cementys on hydropower and dams projects!

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