AirLOG CO2 monitoring and air quality


CO2 and indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring solution

AirLOG Cementys monitoring surveillance taux de CO2 qualité de l'air

A complete, autonomous, and wireless system

The CO2 level measurement in a space is a good indicator of its good ventilation. The more space is ventilated, the less the potential viral load in the air, thus offering a safer atmosphere. While maintaining the right barrier gestures and distancing rules, occupants can calmly meet, exchange and collaborate.

In addition, good ventilation of a room promotes increased mental concentration with better indoor air quality.

AirLOG, the solution by Cementys and Socotec, brings together sensor(s) and monitoring platform for a fluid and optimized user experience.

Once the wireless sensor is placed in the room, track the CO2 level, indoor air quality, temperature, humidity, or the VOC measurement (optional), Volatile Organic Compounds, in real-time thanks to our THMInsight platform accessible from your browser or smartphone.

The platform offers the possibility of a multi-room analysis on a plan by gathering the data of all the sensors in your building. Modular, it offers the possibility to visualize, save and analyze the collected data. These can be interfaced with all the regulation systems or building’s technical management  (GTM, smart building).


CO2 and indoor air quality monitoring in :

      • Day care centers
      • Schools
      • Offices and meeting rooms
      • Establishments open to the public
      • Sports hall
      • Showrooms
      • Construction site


AirLOG monitoring capteur taux CO2 qualité de l'air QAI Cementys
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