A Glance at Cementys

Cementys monitors all of your infrastructures: Bridges Dams Levees Harbours Nuclear plants Offshore Plateforms Storage Facilities Networks
Cementys’ team combines Instrumentation and Civil Engineering Expertise to provide you with the best monitoring solutions.
Cementys® is specialized in instrumentation, monitoring and maintenance optimization of aging infrastructure:

The Real-Time monitoring solutions developed by Cementys® allows managers of critical infrastructures to control failure risks and reduce maintenance cost or repairs.

Cementys Durable Sensors

To respond to all our client’s needs, Cementys® engineers have developed and implemented a line of durable sensors, suited for long-term monitoring of critical infrastructures (with approximately 20 years of receiving feedback using optical fibers and 70 years of receiving feedback using vibrating wire technologies).

To fully analyze the data gathered by sensors we have developed innovative survey methods and created monitoring and maintenance software, which can be integrated into existing monitoring systems (Infrastructure Aging Management).

Cementys Crackvib Sensor

Cementys® also provides various professionals training on instrumentation and monitoring technologies (optical fiber, vibrating wire, Non-Destructive Testing, etc.). Since Cementys is international, our training courses are held regularly in France, Houston (TX), Poland, and Russia.

Furthermore, we also tailor the training which can be held in your facilities on demand.

Cementys Training and Expertise

Cementys® provides our technical expertise (Inspection, Survey, Recalculation, Compliance) in addition to the added value measurements to ensure the highest level of integrity and operational availability of your infrastructures and assets.