Newsletter – January 2018

Newsletter – January 2018

Asset Integrity Monitoring, Cementys.
Happy New Year !
Celebrate this extra year for you and your assets !
Cementys team will help you in 2018 with keeping your infrastructure safe and operational.
Keep your Asset Smart in 2018 !

The smart ballast track solution !SmartSleeper© innovative solution allows real-time monitoring of rolling stock and ballast health monitoring. Developed with a European industrial partner in 2012, SmartSleeper© has been tested and qualified on different railways in Europe. The patented solution relies on MicroLux© FBG extensometers embedded in the sleeper during concrete pouring.
Smart Wings : Cementys participates to “Smart Morphing and Sensing” Horizon 2020 European Project
The Smart Morphing & Sensing (SMS) project is a multi-disciplinary upstream project that employs intelligent electro-active actuators to modify the lifting structure of an aircraft to obtain the optimum shape with respect to the aerodynamic performance (high lift & low drag). This is accomplished using a new generation of fiber optics based sensors allowing distributed pressure measurements (PressioLux© from Cementys) and in-situ real-time optimization of the aerodynamic characteristics. The project is coordinated by Dr Marianna Braza from IMFT.
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New projects

Cementys team is proud to be part of “Grand Paris Express” project 

Cementys will monitor more than 1000 buildings during Line 15 South construction.
Cementys solutions will help Société du Grand Paris and associated contractors to mitigate risks during excavation of tunnels, metro stations and ventilation wells using robust monitoring technologies :

  • Fiber optic and vibrating wire sensors for tilt, load and strain measurements (StrainLux©, ClinoLux©, DynaLux©, ExtensoVib©, ClinoVib©, DynaVib©)
  • Automated robotized total stations DeltaWatch©connected with THMInsight© dataserver

Signature of a national training frame agreement with the Defence Infrastructure Department (SID)

Cementys signed a frame agreement with French Ministry of Defence for Military Infrastructure and Asset Monitoring training during two years.

The French Defence Infrastructure Department owns and operates more than 100 000 military buildings around the world.
We all know Engineer and Military Architect Vauban, who designed large amount of fortifications worldwide in the 17th century.
Today, about 7000 military engineers and affiliated employees manage the French Military Assets. Cementys team is proud to help SID to manage those asset !
Innovative Products

ExtensoLux© SubC – Fiber Optic Sensor for Offshore Tendon and Riser Monitoring

Cementys developed and qualified Fibre Optic extensometers for permanent subsea strain monitoring of pipelines and structures. ExtensoLux© SubC offers a variety of benefits in comparison with traditional electronic sensors :

  • Non-sensitive to Electromagnetic field or noises (cathodic protection)
  • Compliant with topside explosive atmosphere (Class 1 Div 1)
  • Resistant to fatigue and moisture ingress
  • No maintenance (field proven for 15 years in downhole application)
  • High multiplexing capabilities (10 sensors on a single fibre, 30 mile cable length)
  • Static without drift and dynamic measurements (up to 5kHz).
Our upcoming conferences

16 January 2018 – The Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology

This 5th annual Lecture, organized by the joint of Topcon & Institute of Civil Engineers Innovation, took place in London in January
Cementys was part of this meeting and was pleased to introduce “Smarter infrastructure monitoring” and to share knowledge and experience.

Our training sessions

16 January 2018 – Join our next training sessions !

  • Tunneling and Underground Work Monitoring (October 9th & 10th, 2018, Paris)
  • Sensor technologies for Asset Integrity Monitoring (April 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2018, Paris)
  • Hydraulic Dam and Levee Monitoring (January 22nd & 23rd, 2019, Paris)


Talent Search and Welcome Aboard
We want you ! 

Cementys is opening new positions based in Houston and Paris in the following fields :
– Geodetic Surveyor
– Civil Engineer
– Instrumentation Engineer
– FPGA developper

Welcome Aboard ! 
Cementys team is excited to welcome this month Jean Trautsolt as an instrumentation engineer and Oualid Maymoun as civil engineer trainee.

See our team…

Campus de Palaiseau
9 rue Léon Blum
91120 Palaiseau
Training and Communication Manager

Susie Muckensturm
Tel. : +33 1 69 93 14 83
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