Utility Networks

Utility Networks

Monitoring of your water and energy infrastructures networks

Cementys offers infrastructure managers an economical and reliable solution for monitoring anomalies in their Water and Energy infrastructure networks in real time.
Cementys engineers offer you the most proven technologies for fiber optic sensors by spot measurement (Bragg network) or by distributed measurement as well as accelerometric sensors for monitoring your water and electricity networks (Power networks and machines electric).
Réseaux infrastructures Eaux et Energies


Cementys uses distributed measurement technologies for monitoring networks and infrastructures.  Raman, Brillouin and Rayleigh backscasts using DTS (Distribueted Temperature Sensing), DSS (Distribueted Strain Sensing) and DAS (Distribueted Acoustic Sensing).

Measurements with point sensors with optical and non-optical Bragg gratings.

For foundation diagnostics, visual and sclerometric analyzes on concrete foundations, as well as core drilling if necessary.

      • Distributed temperature measurement (Raman backscatter by DTS) : Installation of a non-destructive auscultation using the Sensologger T with optical fiber (Sensolux and Sensolux Harsh) for temperature measurements allowing the detection of leaks, hot spots along pipes, pipes or power lines.
      • Distributed deformation measurement (Brillouin backscattering by DSS) : Installation of a non-destructive auscultation using the Sensologger M with optical fiber (Sensolux and Sensolux Harsh) for deformation and mechanical intrusion measurements along networks and infrastructure.
      • Acoustic distributed measurement (Rayleigh backscattering by DAS) : Installation of a non-destructive auscultation using the Sensologger A with optical fiber (Sensolux and Sensolux Harsh) for the detection of mechanical integrity along and in networks, internal event detection and partial discharge in high voltage lines.
      • Measurement of temperature and punctual deformation by optical sensors : Use of Bragg grating sensors for the measurement of temperature and punctual deformation for aging management on networks and infrastructures (generators, mechanical parts, electrical transformer, etc.).
      • Spot vibration measurement by accelerometric sensors : Vibration measurements for aging management and dynamic evaluation of the capacities of electrical networks and infrastructures. We detect anomalies on the hardware using machine learning algorithms, so we detect if maintenance is necessary before an actual failure. 
      • Visual diagnosis and sclerometric measurements : For foundation diagnostics, visual analyzes and sclerometric measurements on concrete foundations. The sclerometric analysis is a non-destructive examination allowing the homogeneity of the concrete properties of a structural element to be quickly mapped.  The sclerometer tests are carried out in accordance with standard NF EN 12504-2 on exposed concrete after removal.  localization of the coating. 
      • Concrete coring : The drill holes make it possible to visually inspect the quality of the concrete and its homogeneity over the height of the foundation.
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