Total pressure cells

Total pressure cells

Pressure sensor

A sensor with high reliability over long term

These sensors are used for measuring total pressure in soils, contact pressure on buried structures and for stresses in concrete (mainly stresses in tunnel linings).

The TPC cells consist of a distribution pad formed by two plates (round or rectangular) welded together. They are connected by a steel tube to a pressure transducer which gives the oil variations, which are caused by the change of the loads compressing the pad.

The concrete pressure cells are equipped with a pressurization tube that allows the contact between the pad and the concrete to be re-established after the concrete has set.

This instrument has a thermistor for direct temperature measurement. The resonance frequency is recorded with a specific measuring station (THMlogger).


The total pressure cells allow in particular to :

    • Monitor total pressures in soils.
    • Follow the stresses in concrete.
    • Follow the contact pressures on buried structures.

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