Topographic optical target

Topographic Optical Target

Optical target

Prisme auscultation topographique - Cementys

For a topographic monitoring method

The topographic optical targets used for monitoring are mounted on L-shaped brackets, allowing easy attachment to walls with a 6mm or 8mm diameter stud.

The L-shaped brackets allows to turn and orientate the optical targets easily according to the position of the theodolite aiming them.

In order to adapt to different types of supports and structures to monitor, there is another type of optical target protected by an aluminum plate.

This type of optical target, called anti-vandalism, allows to monitor the road leveling from the robotized total stations. 

These anti-vandalism optical targets are used on the edge of the road without any disturbance for traffic.


The optical targets are used to monitor:

      • Railway networks.
      • The movements of diaphragm walls of structures during earthworks.
      • Possible deformations, sensitive areas, rotations, soil movements, etc.

Concerned Structures

Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys
Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys Tunnel
Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys pilliers