TiltLOG inclinometric sensor


As part of its Monitoring projects, Cementys developed the TiltLog inclinometric sensor.

This dual-axis inclinometer can be fixed directly onto the sleeper or the rail. It measures both lateral and longitudinal angles.

When multiple TiltLog inclinometric sensors are used as a chains inclinometer system, then the acquired data can be used to calculate the track geometries, including lateral and longitudinal leveling, and to determine whether the leveling measurements had failing deviations from acceptable norms or standards.

Cementys TiltLOG
Qualification testing

Qualification tests were performed at Cementys. The goal was to check whether the TiltLog inclinometric sensor is reliable or not. First, the TiltLog was placed inside a heated chamber and was subjected to several thermal cycles ranging from -20°C to +60°C.

TiltLOG Cementys
TiltLOG Cementys

Then, the sensor was fixed to a rail and subjected to ambient temperature. It was not subjected to any mechanical load. It measured one value of lateral and longitudinal angles every ten minutes for one month.

For both qualification tests, Cementys data team analysed the results. The analyses showed that the correlation between angles and temperature is very high, nearing 1.0. Because thermal effects are reversible, variations in the angle values due to the temperature can be compensated with serial measurements or post-processing calculations. Thus, post-processed data quality is demonstrated and confirmed.

TiltLOG Cementys
Manufacturing and installation

After the qualification tests, manufacturing was launched. SensOptix is in charge of the process of manufacturing in appropriate clean-room environment. Before the on-site installation, strict sanitary measures are implemented to assure appropriate sensor installation and network integration. The TiltLog inclinometric sensors will be installed on tracks as part of Cementys’ “Grand Paris Express” auscultation projects, including “Ligne 16 Lot 1” project.

TiltLOG Cementys

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