Thanks to the new wireless telecommunication technologies, data access, and visualization through the Internet allow us to follow in real-time the evolution of instrumented structures. This monitoring is essential during critical phases such as installation, production, maintenance or even when civil engineering works happens nearby.

For several years, Cementys uses and improves its supervisor software, called THMinsight, to display these indicators. These are necessary to control, monitor and alert about all the events which could damage an infrastructure. See below two new functionalities.

Geographical Information System

Our database server, set in Palaiseau (France), now integrates a GIS database, which is adapted to fit with a high demand for sensors, in urban projects. For example, thanks to this method, settled zones can be calculated and easily visualized.

Monitoring of railway infrastructures


This new functionality is adapted to the monitoring of railway structure geometry. In real-time, it provides information about leveling, pitching, the “gauche” and the slope of railways. These indicators are useful regarding the monitoring of the deformation of structures and ensure the security of trains and their users.