Monitoring systems

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Cementys offers different monitoring systems depending on the technology of the sensors used. On this page you will find both the service and software aspects for the visualization of your data (ThMinsight, BraggView) as well as the acquisition modules (BraggLogger, THM-Logger …). These modules are suited for the acquisition of all types of sensors (optical fiber, vibrating wire, electromagnetic).


Cementys InsideStress®

InsideStress is a method to determinate the in-situ stress.

It allows you to:


The instrumented ConcreteHeat box allows you to determine the rise in temperature of concrete structures.



Cementys PrimaVita

Monitoring of the construction of concrete structures.

PrimaVita allows you to:

Acquisition Systems:


Cementys DuraLux® Monitoring System

DuraLux is an optoelectronic modulus (low energy consumption) which allows us to interface dataloggers with fiber optic sensors to standard Bragg networks.

DuraLux can be interfaced in serial modes (ModBus, PackBus, Rx/Tx, CAN), analog (4-20mA, 0-10V) or Ethernet networks.

Because Duralux is robust, it doesn’t drift, even for periods of long measurements.


BraggLogger is an Optical Fiber Monitoring Interrogator.

The BraggLogger:


Cementys MobiVib® Measurement Station

MobiVib is a manual station for measurement and expertise of vibrating wire sensors.


Cementys MobiLogger® Monitoring Station

Mobile Monitoring Station for isolated sensors.

The MobiLogger:


Cementys THM-Logger® Monitoring Station

THM-Logger is a Monitoring Station for civil engineering structures.

The THM-Logger: