Optical fiber sensors

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DynaLux® is a fiber optic load cell used for pulling up. The Dynalux®:

  • Permanently measures the force in the rods and prestressing cables
  • Measures the temperature at the force cell
  • Is insensitive to agressive and marine environments



DeltaLux is a displacement sensor using Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) and can be used for different applications, such as:

  • Crack monitoring (concrete structures, historical monuments)
  • Joint monitoring (bridges, dams, docks, tunnels)
  • Long-based distance monitoring using invar or Kevlar wire (tunnel convergence, monitoring of big concrete sections, arch surveillance)



Fiber optic pressure sensor (FBG) suitable for pressure measurement in ATEX environment or with high electromagnetic disturbances (lightning, power lines, magnetic field).



AcceleroLux is an optical fiber accelerometer type mass-spring, monitored thanks to Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG).

The acceleration/vibration range and the frequency bandwidth can be adapted to the client’s applications. For example, the monitoring of electrified structures such as electrical towers, power lines, pantographs, catenaries, etc.



The Cementys engineers are specialized in strain measurements using optical fiber sensors (FBGs). The sensor Strainlux is an Optical Fiber Strain gauge ready to be glued onto a support, in the same way you would for an electronic gauge.

The strain gauges StrainLux has numerous advantages compared to traditional electric gauges.



Distributes temperature and strain sensor. It can be used for Raman and Brillouin measurements, thanks to its 4 fibers (2 single-modes, 2 multi-modes), with a range of several miles.

Qualified for both very low temperatures (-180°C) and high temperature (85°C), this cable can be used for a lot of different applications: leak detection, distributed stress monitoring, DTS, ground movement monitoring, etc.



Optical deformation and temperature sensor, using FBGs.

It can be implemented inside concrete structures to have in-situ measurements.