Fiber optic deformation gauge

StrainLux jauge de déformation à fibre optique Cementys surveillance

A sensor for the measurement of deformations and strain in concrete by optical fiber

The StrainLux© deformation gauge sensor consists of a flexible monolithic test body to be glued on the element to be measured (optical gauge). A silica optical fiber, in which a Bragg grating is inscribed, is permanently pre-tensioned in this gauge.

The fiber’s attachment system is constituted by a device guaranteeing maintenance without drift of the fiber after thermal aging (3 cycles at -20 / 65°C).

The Bragg grating is a passive optical microcomponent photo-inscribed inside the fiber. During its reading (like a barcode) this grating is flooded by a wide spectrum light.

Micrometric deformations of the grating induce variations, which then induce variations of the reflected wavelength. The reading of the grating can be done from several kilometers away.


      • Measuring total deformations.

      • Monitoring in all types of electromagnetic environments (lightning, cable, high voltage, electromagnetic noise).


Concerned Environnements

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