SonoLog acoustic monitoring sensor


Acoustic monitoring sensor

SonoLog capteur surveillance acoustique Cementys

A tool for every sound environments

The SonoLog is an acoustic monitoring sensor for environmental monitoring, suitable for all environments, even the most complicated. Inside its housing is a Class 1 sound level meter (IEC 61-672), designed to provide accurate and highly reliable measurements.

Data and parameters can be accessed wirelessly, thanks to its Wifi, 3G and GPS connectivity, which allows connecting to its interface from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

The detection system integrated in the SonoLog device allows to record an audio signal and to send SMS alerts in real time in case of event.

Data display via the THMInsight platform provides simplified and efficient acoustic monitoring and helps continuous monitoring.


      • Noise monitoring of airport, road, rail and industrial infrastructures.

      • Monitoring of construction sites, neighborhood noise and establishments open to the public.

Concerned environments