SMS Project – Smart aircraft wing Development

SMS Project - Smart aircraft wing Development

Name of the project: SMS – Smart Morphing and Sensing

Funder: European Commission

Localisation: European Union

Type of monitoring: Turbulences monitoring on an aircraft wing thanks to pressure measurement by fiber optic sensors

Goals of this project :

The main goal of that project was to develop a smart aircraft wing to increase aerodynamic efficiency and attenuate noise and vibrations. This could reduce kerosene consumption.

Cementys’ goal was to detect turbulences on the wing in order to limit their impact. We made measurements thanks to fiber optic sensors at several locations at the same time, ie multi-points sensing.

Collaborate between teams that work in different countries was a major stake of this project.

Cementys Projet SMS Smart wing Europe

Solution from Cementys :

Cementys developed fiber optic sensors based on Bragg gratings. These sensors measure pressure on several points simultaneously on the aircraft wing.

Cementys’ main issue was to measure very quick pressure variations of low amplitude.

Set up and results:

Fiber bragg gratings sensors were set in Toulouse to take pressure measurements at the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT) in a scale 1 wind tunnel on a A320 aircraft wing.

Cementys sensed the major turbulences described by Fluid Mechanics theory.

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Project partners at Politecnico di Milano

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Fiber optic sensors on airplane wing