Sizing of a maritime infrastructure in Abidjan : Characterization of a dock sheet piling’s depth in Abidjan, using the Micro Seismic Parallel (MSP) method

Background and purpose

The BOLLORE Group, which owns the CARENA shipyard located in Abidjan, has mandated TPSMI to define the maximum dredging along this quay to enable the ships to be maintained. 

Our mission was to make parallel seismic measurements to verify the dock sheet pile height and thus define the dredging depth that could be reached.

Work Description

The structure concerned is a pile wharf (CARENA base wharf), with a sheet piling retaining wall at the front of the wharf.

Dimensionnement d'infrastructure maritime existante

Aerial View

Dimensionnement d'infrastructure maritime Cementys

Dock View

Equipment used to measure

RSM-PSF (A) parallel seismic tester

Dimensionnement Cementys

This equipment is used to test the lengths and speeds associated with the measurement process

Seismic Tester Compostion

Dimensionnement quai maritime Cementys

Shipyard Measurements

During the mission in Côte d’Ivoire, our team carried out measurements to determine the sheet pile height along the entire wharf, using measurements taken on 7 boreholes.


Once the probe and sensor are connected to the tablet, the probe is inserted into the borehole to a depth of 20m.

Then, the sensor is placed on the sheet pile hit by a hammer at a maximum distance of 10cm.

Measurements were taken every 50cm as the probe rose to the surface.

Port Abidjan Cementys

Sheet Piling View

Measurements Analysis

The measured data are analyzed using a software program called “RSM Parallel”. The data is then collected on the tablet and processed using this software.

Dimensionnement Cementys

Measurement Data before processing

Dimensionnement Cementys

Post-processing measurement Data