Settlement gauge

Settlement gauge

Hydraulic Settlement Gauge

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A reliable system for your structures monitoring

The settlement gauge system is an automated system for long-term monitoring of differential settlements in buildings, tunnels and other civil engineering structures.

This device consists of a series of sensors hydraulically connected to a reference tank located in a stable area.

Each unit contains a high-resolution pressure sensor that measures the liquid level from the difference in height between the sensor and the reference.

Furthermore, another sensor placed near the reference tank will subtract thermal variations.

These sensors can be connected to the THMlogg data acquisition system to collect pressure (height) and temperature data.


  • Stability of structures in areas of influence of underground excavation (tunnels, deep excavations).


  • Suitable system for monitoring all types of structures (historical structures, buildings, etc.).


  • Monitoring of structures in the vicinity of risk areas such as erosion, landslides, etc.

Concerned Structures

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