Our services for project owners and infrastructure managers:

Cementys intervenes at different stages of the life of a structure or infrastructure:

During the different phases of the construction project

  • Assistance to the project owner (AMO)
  • Design and implementation studies
  • Sustainability requirement (performance approach or EN206 standard)
  • CCTP implementation (regulatory compliance with fascicle 65 or EN13670)
  • Execution study (costing, technical feasibility)
  • Concrete expertise (formulation for Prescribed Composition Concrete (PCB)
  • Drafting of specifications for Specified Properties Concrete (BPS)...

During construction

  • Project Management Assistance
  • Site controls (coating, maturometry, concrete quality, facing quality, etc.)
  • Trial tests
  • Instrumentation of the structure
  • Interpretation of the measurements

In operation phase

  • Diagnosis of pathologies
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Monitoring
  • Load test
  • Requalification
  • Simulation of aging
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Safety demonstration
  • Quantitative risk analysis for infrastructure managers
  • Water/gas leak detection
  • Location of anomalies

Cementys carries out engineering missions for the operators of infrastructures and sensitive industrial installations:

  • Nuclear power plants and INBs
  • Storage centers and tanks
  • Dams, dikes, and quays
  • Bridges and viaducts
  • Tunnels and pipelines
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Complex structures (HMIs, terminals, halls)
  • Infrastructure networks (wastewater, drinking water, ice water, steam, gas, oil).