SensoLux Tsens ®

SensoLux Tsens®

Reinforced optical fiber for distributed measurements (DAS, DTS, DSS)

SensoLux Tsens capteur fibre optique renforcée Cementys

A multi-tasking and resistant fiber

The Sensolux is our reference fiber for monitoring. It allows deformation, temperature, or acoustic measurements. The versatility of this fiber is its main asset.

Thanks to this technology, it is possible to make distributed measurements in industrial and difficult environments. The Sensolux Tsens is specifically adapted to perform different optical measurements on the same cable with reinforced sheaths on each (DAS, DTS, DSS).

It is made of several solid metal tubes, which makes it particularly suitable for infrastructure monitoring where several parameters need to be monitored.

The reinforcements in the different sheaths of this fiber make it suitable for harsh environments.


      • Deformations monitoring  in any type of environment.

      • Structures vibration monitoring

      • Temperature control monitoring

      • Sensitive structures monitoring

Concerned Structures

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Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys