SensoLoggerT ®


Distributed measurement system

SensoLoggerT capteur suivi température Cementys

Monitoring the temperature of your infrastructures

The SensoLoggerT monitoring system was created to perform distributed temperature measurements on infrastructures and superstructures.

This fiber optic sensor allows remote recording of measurements as well as real-time data storage and visualization.

Based on the Raman backscattering effect, the SensoLoggerT has a measurement range of 4 to 30 kilometers depending on the version.

With no “blind” zone, the distributed measurement technology allows the SensoLoggerT’s interrogator to be moved far from the measurement area. The measurement requires only one of the two ends of the fiber to operate.

The system allows the simultaneous measurement of 16 optical lines. A stand-alone device can also be deployed using a solar panel and a 3/4G key.


      • Monitoring the temperature of linear or large structures.

      • Monitoring of hot or cold water networks

      • Dams monitoring

      • Leak detection along pipelines

      • Reservoir’s thermal mapping: LNG, water, gaz

Concerned Structures

Barrage Cementys hydraulique monitoring auscultation
Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys Tunnel
Tunnelier blanc