SensoLoggerS ®


Distributed measurement system

SensoLoggerS capteur mesure distrubuée déformation température Cementys

Monitoring the deformation and temperature of your infrastructure

The SensoLoggerS is based on Brillouin backscattering, this technology allows to measure the deformation and temperature on the whole length of the optical fiber. This sensor allows a distributed measurement thanks to the optical fiber.

It can be used for punctual measurement campaigns but also for permanent instrumentation. Being based on Brillouin backscattering, the SensoLoggerS requires only one fiber output, which makes it very easy to use.

This measurement device allows to visualize different optical loops on a single device and can be deported because it has a battery, which makes this version very mobile.

The very high connectivity of this device, thanks to the SmartAccess option, allows a remote monitoring of the instrumentations, but also the follow-up of the monitoring evolutions without even being on site.


      •  Monitor deformations on pipelines.
      •  Monitor high voltage lines.
      •  Telecommunication cables monitoring
      •  Sensitive structures monitoring

Concerned Structures

Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys
Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys Tunnel
Tunnelier blanc