SensoLoggerA ®


Distributed measuring system

SensoLoggerA capteur fibre optique suivi acoustique Cementys

Acoustic monitoring of your infrastructures

The SensoLogger Acoustic is one of the instruments commonly called Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) allowing the analysis of vibratory and acoustic events in the direct proximity of the measurement area.

The wide variety of parameters available makes it possible to optimize the system’s response according to the environment in which it is installed and the objective targeted (configuration of alarms for the detection of specific events, the study of frequency components, acoustic analysis…)

Only the measuring device to which the optical fiber is connected requires a power supply. The fiber can therefore be installed over a length of up to 40 km and is connected to the device only by one of its ends.

The system is insensitive to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.


      • Intrusion detection around infrastructures (highways, rails, pipelines, secured areas…).
      • Integrity control (rails, pipelines, wells…).
      • Leak and obstruction detection (slug).
      • Acoustic monitoring.

Concerned Structures

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