TheoLOG ®


Robotic total station

A reliable, fast and accurate solution for your measurements

Topography allows to determine precisely the coordinates of a point. The strength of DeltaLOG is to measure these coordinates with millimetric precision.

Once configured, the total station automatically aims at a defined frequency of reflective targets fixed on the areas of interest.

At each measurement cycle, the coordinates are redefined and allow to quantify a displacement

Thanks to the modem integrated in the control box, the device sends the data to a server at the end of the measurement cycle, thus making it possible to obtain information in real time.

When several stations are installed, a topographic network can be set up to ensure redundancy on certain measurement points.



      • Monitoring linear structures (dykes, cliffs, networks, etc.).

      • Railway tracks monitoring (calculation of track geometry, etc.).

      • Monitor engineering structures (dams, heritage buildings, etc.).

      • Controlling a construction site (monitoring walls, convergences, etc.).

      • Underground environments measurements (tunnels, etc.).


Concerned Structures

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