Monitoring of your railways

Cementys offers reliable and innovative for the monitoring and expertise of your rail tracks. 
Cementys voies ferrées surveillance


      • Track monitoring (Geometry, vibration, deformation, Intrusion, vacuum detection, rock fall.
      • Predictive maintenance on track devices.
      • Smart Sleeper sleepers on singular points : ballasted track crossing : track on slab, slip monitoring of land near railways, etc.
      • Fire detection in railway tunnels.


      • Cementys sensors adapted to all your needs =
        • DAS : acoustic measurement distributed by optical fiber.
        • DTS : temperature measurement distributed by optical fiber.
        • DSS : strain measurement distributed by optical fiber.
        • Conventionnal point temperature sensors. 
        • Electronic: TiltLOG, a long-autonomy track geometry measurement solution (several years of operation at a frequency of one measurement per hour).
        • Robotized autonomous and communicating Total Stations : DeltaLOG.
        • Track geometry measurement according to IN2640 with Amberg carriage. 
        • AcceleroLOG : accelerometers. 
        • SmartSleeper : railway crossing connected thanks to a multitude of embedded optical Bragg grating sensors type MicroLux : measurement of temperature and deformation. 
        • GnssLOG.
        • Settlement monitoring by INSARLOG satellite interferometry.
        • Automatic Inclinometric Chains : IPILOG.
        • Fiber Optic Sensors : SensoLux and MicroLux.
        • Strain gauges for monitoring cuttings near railway tracks.


Cementys supports you on your railways surveillance projects using :

      • Our stock of sensors and monitoring devices.
      • Our expertise in rail monitoring.
      • Our mechanical expertise on the Wheel-Rail-Ballast-Traverse interaction.
      • Our SMQ.
      • Our ability to interpret measurement and determine the associated criticality.
      • Note ability to adapt measurement tools to site constraints.
      • Our THMinsight GIS visualization platform.
        • Our close collaboration with the company SensOptix to bring you a personalized solution.
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