Pyranometer sunshine sensor


Sunshine sensor

Pyranomètre Cementys capteur environnemental intensité lumineuse

A light intensity measurement for your outdoor applications

The Cementys pyranometer measures shortwave radiation with a broad spectrum and communicates in SDI12.

Our sensor is heated (under user control) to allow optimal operation, even in extreme conditions.

The pyranometer uses a thermopile technology that improves measurements compared to a pyranometer made of silicon photocells.

The 0.2W heater eliminates errors due to water from frost, dew or rain.

The calibration data is integrated into the sensor and is sent back in digital form via SDI12 communication.

It can be used for a weather station and can measure the efficiency of electricity production, a solar panel installation, or study the behavior of some sensors exposed to the sun.

This heat flux sensor is designed for long-term stability and deployment. The sensor gives its inclination as well as its internal temperature to be able to make a remote diagnosis.


      • Weather station
      • Radiation measurement for agriculture.
      • Verification of the efficiency of a solar panel installation.
      • Study the impact of sunlight on structures or sensors.

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