PressioLux ®


Pressure sensor

PressioLux capteur de pression Cementys fibre optique

Fiber Optic Pressure Monitoring

The PressioLux Aero® is a compact fiber optic pressure sensor specially designed for  aeronautics and aerospace industries.

Its chip shape and very small size make it ideal for an on-board sensor and allows to measure absolute static pressures of several bars.

Based on Bragg Grating technology, it takes advantage of fiber optics’ exceptional advantages by resisting the environment.

It can be chained on the same optical fiber with other PressioLux Aero® sensors to create a pressure measurement chain.

When used with a BraggLogger interrogator, multiple fiber optics containing each some PressioLux Aero can be measured simultaneously, saving significant weight and space.


      • Measurement of pressure along a structure (aircraft, rockets).

      • Measurement of pressure in a fluid (air, water, hydrocarbons).


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