Parallel seismic tester

Parallel seismic tester

Testeur sismique parallèle auscultation géotechnique capteur

A method for geotechnical monitoring of foundations

The Parallel Seismic Tester is used for foundation elements’ monitoring. It provides information on their continuity, integrity and length.

The Parallel Seismic Tester can not only analyze independently, but also copy data to a USB stick, analyze it on the computer, and give the test results via a printer.

Our sensor has the advantage of relying on proprietary instantaneous floating point amplification technology with a “high signal-to-noise ratio” circuit design capable of acquiring strong and weak undistorted signals.

The Cementys Parallel Seismic Tester also has the advantage of a removable lithium battery and a desktop charger stand that is equipped with battery back-up to ensure uninterrupted work in the field.


      • Control of foundation elements (reinforced or unreinforced concrete piles, bars, cast walls, rigid inclusions, sheet piles, etc.)

      • Calculation of the length of foundation elements.

      • Determination of the wave propagation speed in the foundation elements’ material.

      • Information on the quality of the material.


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