The Cementys mission

The Cementys Mission

Cementys monitors, implements, examines, and optimizes the maintenance of your various projects, infrastructures, constructions…
We take care of the health of all your structures by proposing personalized solutions adapted to your needs.
For what purposes?  What impacts?
Cementys sécurité fissure mission


Anticipation of structural weaknesses
Accident prevention
Reliability of monitoring results
Cementys environnement mission

Extending the life of infrastructure
Less resources used
Noise monitoring
Cementys social mobilité mission


Major societal projects
Cultural Heritage Monitoring
Cementys économique mission


Less renovation work
Optimization of predictive maintenance
Intelligent sustainable infrastructure
Cementys provides technical expertise and high added value measures to guarantee the integrity and maintenance in operational conditions of your aging infrastructure.
Inspection, Diagnosis, Recalculation, Compliance
Thanks to the automated and geolocalized monitoring solutions developed by Cementys®, managers of critical infrastructures can control the risks of failure and reduce their maintenance and repair costs: Smartenance.
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