Optical fiber for cryogenic applications

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Optical fiber for cryogenic applications

Cementys developed a full range of solutions for the monitoring of cryogenic assets, from cool-down and leak detection monitoring of LNG tanks and pipelines to stress monitoring of liners and flexible FLNG pipes.

With operating temperatures as low as -200°C, optical fiber sensors are perfectly adapted for cryogenic applications, such as cool down monitoring and leak detection of LNG tanks and pipelines. Our qualified cable SensoLuxCRYO® can be implemented directly on the pipeline or base of the tank to be used as a Distributed Temperature Sensor, giving a measurement of temperature every meter: a leak corresponding to a cold spot will be immediately detected and localized, as it is recommended for spillage detection in the EN 1473:2007-06 European norm.

Being passive, SensoLuxCRYO® optical cable can safely be placed in the most explosive environments (ATEX zone 0 or Class 1 Div1 with low power lasers) and does not need any ATEX rated junction boxes, making optical fiber monitoring cost-effective compared to traditional electric sensors (RTD). Optical fiber is also immune to electromagnetic noise or long cabling distance, giving out precise measurements miles away from the sensing part.

Our SensoLuxCRYO® solutions have been successfully implemented worldwide (Poland, France, Netherlands, India, USA).