Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas infrastructure for production, transport, and storage

Cementys® offers a wide range of fiber optic sensors and vibrating rope sensors for real-time monitoring of the integrity of Oil & Gas structures over long periods


  • Energy Infrastructure Aging Management
  • Cost optimization through Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation


  • Optical Fiber Monitoring of Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (temperature and stress)
  • Permanent Downhole monitoring (pressure, strain, temperature, flow)
  • Pipeline Leak Detection and Intrusion Control through distributed OFS
  • FPSO fatigue monitoring
  • LNG network and tank thermal mapping


  • Our Quality Management System
  • Our Optical Fiber Sensing Expertise
  • Cost-Effective Combination of Instrumentation and Non Destructive Investigation
  • Web Based Real-Time visualization of monitored data: THMInsight

Relevant Technologies

  • Our optical fiber and vibrating wire sensors are perfectly adapted for the Oil & Gas industry thanks to the following properties:
  • No on-board electronics or batteries
  • No maintenance or re-calibration necessary
  • Acquisition device installed several kilometres away without any downside on the measurement
  • Long term monitoring (>20 years without drift)
  • Compliant with extreme environments (Subsea, Cryogenic, HT/HP, Explosive Class1 Div1)


  • Our optical fiber and vibrating wire solutions are suitable for the following applications:
  • Geolocalisation of leaks (oil, LNG, fuel)
  • Distributed and discrete measurements of temperature and pressure in oil wells (observation and production)
  • Detection of hot spots in power lines (umbilicals)
  • Integrity control on risers and subsea cables (deep offshore oil fields)
  • Detection of anomalies in buried gas networks

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