October 2020 Newsletter

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Newsletter Cementys October 2020

Grand Paris Express

Key milestones of the Grand Paris Express: our teams recently experienced the arrival of 2 tunnel boring machines that we monitored.

Grand Paris express auscultation monitoring tunnelier Armelle Cementys
Grand Paris express auscultation monitoring tunnelier Claire Cementys
Tunnel Boring Machine Armelle – Line 16

On the distance of 1300 meters from the TBM, our teams managed to:

  • install 11 DeltaLOG total stations
  • carry out 140 linear meters of drilling
  • instrument 14 archstones
Tunnel Boring Machine Claire – Line 14

On the distance of 3500 meters from the TBM, our teams have installed:

  • 1500 rail prisms
  • 40 deltaLOG total stations
  • 400 extensometers


SMS Project – Smart aircraft wing Development
Discover the SMS (Smart Morphing and Sensing) project, funded by the European Commission, allowing the development of a smart airplane wing in order to increase its aerodynamic efficiency and reduce vibrations and noise.
Our teams have developed fiber optic pressure sensors to detect turbulence.
Fiber optic instrumentation of concrete blocks

As part of the reconstruction of a high voltage line, our engineers monitored 9 concrete blocks of new generation electrical pillars.

Fiber optic auscultation carried out for the Eiffage and RTE teams.


Interview Vincent Lamour B Smart TV

Discover the interview with Vincent Lamour, President of the Cementys Group, presenting the company on the set of the B Smart TV channel.

Thanks to Jean-Marc Sylvestre and to Bpifrance for highlighting Cementys.

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Cementys Alpes Tunnel Encombrouze monitoring

Alpes, France

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