Non-Destructive Testing

Testing and Laboratory Characterization

Cementys® owns it’s testing and calibration laboratory, ensuring our sensors perform up to our standards and exceed the latest metrological specifications.

With our laboratory and technicians, we are capable of :
  • Calibration and calibration sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, displacement)
  • Control and calibration of data-loggers (frequency, voltage, current)
  • Control and calibration playback devices (vibrating wire 4-20mA loop, inductive, resistant)
  • Development of client-specific testing laboratories/mock-ups
  • Thermo-fluid sensors aging (burn-in climatic chambers)
  • Influence test on acquisition chain (Electromagnetic noise isolation test custom cable RLC)

This laboratory also enables us to support you in developing new sensors / new techniques through our research and development activities (R & D projects).

Cementys also has characterization tools for cementitious materials:

  • AFREM porosity, the density of concrete – mortars
  • Accelerated alkali-aggregate reactivity, freeze/thaw, and sulphatic reactions
  • Gas permeability
  • Rheological testing instrumented vane (RheoScis)
  • Adsorption isotherm on machined test specimens

Recent projects

  • Expertise on pathologies of structures and detailed inspection
  • Expertise on the concrete reinforced concrete car park
  • Determination of the mechanical in-situ stresses (InsideStress)
  • Design and optimization of parts in BFUHP
  • Supervision of an operating aircraft bridge
  • Design and characterization of design objects in BFUHP
  • Instrumentation and monitoring of a lock
  • Durable instrumentation of concrete railways
  • Training on the follow-up of the work