Noise and Vibrations

The new Cementys “Environment” service continuously monitors noise and vibration on various projects on behalf of our customers.

Cementys Service Monitoring Noises Vibrations

The methodology followed by Cementys to carry out this monitoring is as follows:

Methodology of assessing noise

Acoustic monitoring consists of measuring the noise that occurs while the work is being done; this evaluation looks at the impact of the noise on the zoning of the building sites as well as the nearby buildings. This is a calculation of the noise level (perceived by neighboring areas) which is averaged over a defined period while meeting various standards. This is then carried out based on the raw data that was measured on the neighboring side or the building site side and recalculated on the neighboring side (while taking into account the characteristics of the acoustic fences being used).

The measured sound levels are weighted by a coefficient A for the measurements in dB (decibel, logarithmic scale). In the frequency range audible by humankind, the latter perceives the sounds in different ways according to their heights (or frequencies). Therefore, an intense sound will be perceived as less intense than an acute or medium sound, at the same intensity.

Methodology of evaluating vibrations

The monitoring of the vibrations consists of measuring the vibrations that occur while the work is being done; this evaluation looks at the impact on the zoning of the building sites as well as the neighboring buildings. A presentation is then done of the development of speed, as well as a comparison with the frequency ranges. This is carried out to detect if the thresholds have been exceeded (if there are any), also, a thorough analysis is done to explain the findings.

Sono Cementys

The following is broken down into several stages:

Fulfillment of the noise issue: Prior studies done on the works using data collected on land along with modeling to predict the expected sound levels during the various phases of the work being done, taking into account all the important parameters (acoustic protection, daily traffic, etc.)

Choice of strategic locations for the noise and vibration appliances (sound level meters, geophones) to continuously monitor the evolution of the physical quantities in real-time.

Sending SMS alerts as soon as

the pre-defined thresholds are exceeded and the corresponding audio recordings are stored.

Written reports

containing an analysis of the collected data and an explanation of the noise alerts or if the measured vibratory threshold is exceeded.

Displays done promptly showing the evolution of noise and vibrations

of each job on the THMInsight platform.

Cementys THMInsight Surveillance Chart
Cementys Noises Vibrations Surveillance Chart