Newsletter Cementys March 2021

Cementys Newsletter 2021

Newsletter Cementys March 2021

Opening of a new Agency


Cementys is expanding its presence on the french territory with the opening of its new agency Cementys Lyon, after Paris, Brest (west of France), Draguignan (south of France), and Chambery (east of France).
This office allows us to strengthen our proximity and support toward our customers.

Contact: Olivier FERNOUX,
Business Development Manager for Rhône Auvergne and Bourgogne region
+33(0)7 63 76 52 91

Mont Blanc Tunnel Project

Tunnel slab’s deformations and strains measurement.

Our teams are setting up 400 sensors in the most sensitive parts of the structure.

By constantly monitoring those sensors, our engineers can determine the pavement’s strains and deformations levels as well as the movements between the different elements of the structure.


Coq Vert (Green Roster)

Cementys joins the CoqVert Community in partnership with BpiFrance and the ADEME, the french ecological transition agency.
It brings together and influences local entrepreneurs’ communities in favor of the ecological transition.

Broadcast Interview

Interview of Vincent LAMOUR (Cementys) and Mathias KAMINSKI (Eiffage) for BSmart TV

Watch Vincent LAMOUR and Mathias KAMINSKI’s interview on infrastructure surveillance.

An entire part of the show is dedicated to monitoring, Cementys’ IoT sensors and smart infrastructure.

Picture of the Month, chosen by Cementysts

Cementys Alpes

Alpes, France

Cementys Palaiseau

Communication Manager
Godefroy Regnier
Email :
Tel. : +33 (0)1 69 93 88 82
Adresse : 9 rue Léon Blum, 91120 Palaiseau, FRANCE