Newsletter June 2019

newsletter january 2019 Cementys

Our Next French Event

Cementys Salon

Cementys will be attending the 53rd Paris-Le Bourget 2019 show at the Smart Morphing & Sensing project booth to present the operation behind our solutions.  

As an avant-garde and highly technological project funded by the European Union, Smart Morphing & Sensing aims to increase the aerodynamic efficiency of aircraft wings along with reducing vibrations and noises.

Cementys actively contributes as an instrumentalist.

Our Next International Event

Gastech Cementys

For more than 45 years, the Gastech Exhibition & Conference in Houston has been at the avant-garde of the international markets for gas, LNG, and energy.

This world-renowned event is considered to be one of the most important meeting places for professionals in this field to present their products and/or find a new partnership.

Cementys will, therefore, use this event as an opportunity to present its innovative solutions and sensors that are resistant to the extreme conditions of LNG.

New Department


Environment Service

Come discover the new Cementys Environment service, which continuously monitors noises and vibrations on behalf of our customers.

Acoustic monitoring consists of measuring the continuous noises that occur during the project while vibration monitoring consists of measuring the continuous vibrations.

Click here to know the different methodologies used for our evaluation and execution.

New Project


Lot 11 Charles De Gaulle Express

The Charles De Gaulle Express project is part of Le Grand Paris Express which revolves around a public transportation network plan consisting of four metro lines around Paris, along with the expansion of two existing lines.   

Once again, Cementys has been recognized for our reliability, our responsiveness, providing topographic surveying, and our technological solutions.

More Information

Cementys Team

Cementys Vietnam

Our Cementys’ Vietnam Team

We are proud to present these Cementystes that make up our subsidiary in Hanoi, Vietnam :

Eng. Ngoc Thang Dao
Eng. Duc Tien Nguyen
Eng. Thanh Son Nguyen
Eng. Anh Tuan Tran
Eng. Hai Son Nguyen
Eng. Ngoc Cuong Pham
Eng. Minh Truong Nguyen.

Pictures of the Month

The two photos of the month chosen by Cementys’ employees



Cementys Pic
Communication & Training Manager
Godefroy Regnier
Cementys Palaiseau

9 rue Léon Blum
91120 Palaiseau

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