Newsletter July 2019

newsletter january 2019 Cementys

Professional Training in Paris:

Instrumentation Technologies and Structural Health Monitoring

April, 7th and 8th, 2020 – 1450€ – Detailed Program

newsletter january 2019 Cementys

Cementys is organizing a training session for Civil Engineers and Energy facility managers. Field-oriented and practical, this professional training will provide all the basic information you need to know about Structural Health Monitoring within the Energy Industry (Nuclear facilities, Oil&Gas infrastructure, Wind Turbines, Hydraulic Dams, and Electricity Power Grids) and the Construction sector (Tunnels, Bridges, Roads, Waterways, Harbors)

The course is divided into two sessions :

Day 1: Sensor Technologies and Monitoring strategies
Day 2: Demonstrations and Case Studies within different industries

Cementys is certified Training Organization and can provide you with Education Credits.

Internal Training


Training for rope access work that is asked of our engineers


The training is conducted on a 50m high railway viaduct. We offer fast and safe interventions for inspection and instrumentation of structures that have difficult access.

Our Next Event

Cementys Hanoi

Following the success of the three previous events, the 4th International conference,GEOTEC HANOI 2019 (GH2019) will be organized in November in Hanoï.

In this 4th conference, besides the four typical themes of GEOTEC HANOI series, i.e. Deep foundations, Tunnelling and underground spaces, Ground improvement, and Geotechnical modeling and monitoring, two new and imperative topics in sustainable development, namely, Landslide and erosion, and Coastal foundation engineering, are also included.

Cementys in the Press


Chantiers de France Magazine
Number : 516 

In a file devoted to topography and auscultation on the Grand Paris Express, discover the testimony and anecdotes of Vincent Lamour, Director of Cementys, interviewed for his expertise on the subject.

“Auscultation can also contribute to the real-time control of the work, especially during a jet grouting operation.” GPE worksites bring TP companies to discover this facet”

Cementys Team

Cementys Karting

Cementys is gaining speed !

Friday, July 5th 2019, we held one of our famous team events.
All Cementys employees were invited to participate in a team karting tournament.
Work Hard Play Hard

Best-of photos

Focusing on a Cementyste

Our doctoral student Abdeljalil Nahli

Subject of the thesis :

Combined operation of GNSS and PsInsar techniques for the monitoring of engineering structures.

Partners :

Projects for implementation :
The Grand Paris Express and the Wadi Leban Bridge Auscultation Project in Saudi Arabia with the Ministry of Transport.

Picture of the Month

The photo of the month chosen by Cementys’ employees

Cementys Pont Wadi Leban

Communication & Training Manager

Godefroy Regnier


Cementys Palaiseau