Monitoring of mines

Instrumentation and monitoring of mines

Tuesday 29th june 2021

Challenges of mines instrumentation

Following the numerous accidents that have occurred in mines, safety has always been a crucial point in this field. More and more devices are put in place to ensure maximum safety for workers in this field. For this purpose, the monitoring of shafts is an irreplaceable tool to evaluate the danger of the various sites and thus to foresee upstream any damage that may occur. Mining shafts, in addition to the mines themselves, are at the heart of the concerns of Cementys’ teams.

Monitoring solutions offer many possibilities, real-time monitoring of the mine’s movements, environmental monitoring, monitoring during the various routing processes, etc. All these parameters are important for the life of the structure and the safety of the workers.

Our monitoring solutions

In order to ensure this safety as well as long-term monitoring, our teams develop innovative solutions to ensure both structural integrity and predictive maintenance on all mining works. Thus, reliable and accurate data are collected by the sensors installed and then an intelligent processing is performed to provide useful data to our customers.

Various solutions are available to carry out this monitoring. The technologies used are very diverse indeed, Cementys offers solutions to monitor your mining works. In particular, we can talk about topography with prisms placed at key points in the mine to check for settlements or movements, whether for a shaft or an open pit. We can also talk about more traditional sensors used for many years in areas such as civil engineering, such as extensometers, inclinometers or piezometers.

Other technologies such as fiber optics can be used to monitor the structural integrity of these structures, particularly in mining shafts, in order to have a measurement distributed along the entire length of the optical fiber and to be able to have both convergence profiles and simply the overall deformations along the entire length of the mining shaft without dead zones and in places that are sometimes difficult to access for more traditional measurements.

In short, Cementys is greatly involved in finding the best monitoring solutions to secure, strengthen and perpetuate your mining works of all types.