MicroVib / MicroVibRR®

MicroVib / MicroVib RR®

Vibrating string extensometer

MicroVib extensomètre corde vibrante Cementys auscultation

Sensors dedicated to strain and stress measurements

The MicroVib© sensor is designed to measure locally the total deformations undergone by concrete (shrinkage deformations, thermal deformations, pathological swellings, mechanical deformations).

The measurement is based on the proven technology of the vibrating string, which guarantees a tracking with long lengths of cable and over long periods without any maintenance.

The MicroVib© sensor, a vibrating string extensometer for structural monitoring, consists of a flexible monolithic test body with two cheeks defining the measurement length. This frequency measurement can be carried out over large wiring distances.

The MicroVibRR© version is made of radiation resistant materials.


          • Measure locally the total deformations of the concrete and the temperature variations.
          • Detect micro-cracking in a concrete part.
          • Measure the aperture of microcracks in concrete.
          • Evaluate mechanical stress variations in concrete.
          • Can be welded to metallic structures (like compression bracing) to measure its stress.

Structures Concerned

Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys Tunnel