Fiber optic deformation and temperature sensor

StrainLux jauge de déformation à fibre optique Cementys surveillance

A sensor to measure deformations and strain in concrete using fiber optics

The MicroLux© sensor is designed to measure locally the deformation and temperature. The temperature and the total deformations undergone by the concrete (shrinkage deformations, thermal deformations, pathological swelling, mechanical deformations).

The measurement is based on fiber optic Bragg grating technology. The information transmission properties of the optical fiber allow the operation of MicroLux© sensors several kilometers away from the acquisition center.

They are resistant to all electromagnetic environments (lightning, high voltage cable) and have the advantage of being able to be multiplexed along the same fiber: 10 sensors can be placed along a single cable of very small diameter (5 mm).


      • Measure locally the total deformations and the temperature of concrete.

      • Detect local microcracking of a concrete structure.

      • Measure the opening of microcracks in concrete.

      • Evaluate mechanical strain variations in concrete.

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