IPILog ®


In-place Inclinometer

Chaîne inclinométrique détection mouvements structures - Cementys

A technology to detect the movements of your structures

Cementys’ IPILog is a series of access tubes, attached to each others. These tubes are installed in a borehole or embedded in a backfill of earth, rock or concrete structure. The in-place inclinometer can also be installed during construction or attached to the vertical side of a completed structure.

Each in-place inclination sensor is equipped with a pair of spring-loaded swivel wheels. The IPILog is connected to a data acquisition system for continuous, real-time motion monitoring.

The sensor is equipped with an SDI-12 type communication protocol, to which a single 3-conductor cable must be threaded. This cable connects all the sensors to each other, all the way to the top of the borehole and the data logger.


      • Monitor the deformation of embankments and retaining walls.
      • Accurately measure the lateral movement of structures and embankments or slip zones during earthworks.
      • Control the construction of structures and monitor soil movement.

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