Cementys investigations Olympic Games 2024

Olympic Aquatic Center crossing investigations Paris2024

As part of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, an Olympic Aquatic Center (CAO), new sports equipment that will host various swimming events, will be built opposite the Stade de France (SDF).

With a view to making travel more fluid during these Olympic Games, a pedestrian-cyclist crossing will be built above the A1 and the Avenue du Président-Wilson and will directly connect the two flagship sports facilities that are the future CAD and SDF.

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Cementys is in charge of carrying out destructive and non-destructive investigations on the structure of the cells in the forecourt of the Stade de France (SDF) where the pedestrian-cyclist crossing will take place. The investigations concern the foundation elements (paving, foundation blocks and sills), the reinforced concrete bearing sails, the beams and the slabs of the forecourt.

Non-destructive investigation

Cementys will carry out complete geometric surveys (3D scanner with georeferencing of point clouds) of the cells and the surrounding areas in order to obtain a complete 3D digital model (BIM) of the cells. The Radar and the Pachometer will be used to obtain the position, the diameter, the spacing and the coating of the reinforcements for all the layers of the structure of the cells.

Extent of structural surveys

Punctual bleeding will be carried out on specific parts of the structure, in order to expose all the reinforcements present for confirmation by the Radar and Pachometer.

Soundings (coring) will make it possible to establish the composition of the slab of the SDF forecourt above the cells and the perimeter path (type of coating, paving, waterproofing, slope, concrete slab, high reinforcement, presence of low reinforcement laid on slabs, etc.).

3D modeling and mock-up

Following the results of the 3D scan and on the basis of the plans provided, a BIM (3D Modeling) digital model will be established. The invisible details such as the reinforcements will be modeled on the basis of the reinforcement readings obtained from the Radar and Pachometer.

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