Vinci Autoroutes : Intruder Detection by Optic Fiber in a highway

Cementys establish intruder detection using Optic Fiber in a portion of an highway. 
Our team worked in the South-West of France as part of a project from VINCI Autoroutes to develop sensors around a security fence, next to one of their highway.
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A new partner

Today, nearly 500,000 collisions between wild animals and cars are reported each year in France. In order to reduce the number of accidents due to animals on highways, VINCI Autoroutes has decided to call on SensOptiX to carry out feasibility tests of an animal intrusion detection system along a portion of highway.

This portion is bordered by a forest and an agricultural area which are often subject to the passage of wild boars, hinds and other animals. Therefore, the protective fence may be degraded and then wild animals may access the highway lanes which threatens the safety of road users.

Instrumentation of this fence would make possible to know in real time whether an animal presence is detected or not and in which case, allow VINCI Autoroutes employees to secure the area and repair the fence as quickly as possible.

Intruder Detection by Optic Fiber in a Highway - Cementys
Complete system development

Our teams worked on a fiber placed on 100m of fence to identify the various events betraying the
presence of an animal: digging under the fence, mass against it, walking along the fence. Videos were
taken during the tests to be able to correlate the events simulated on the fence with the registered data
from our measurement system.

By analyzing the data, our teams will be able to develop a real-time alarm system to prevent the
presence of animals on all highway lanes, and doing so, reducing the risks of road traffic accidents.

Intruder Detection by Optic Fiber in a Highway - Cementys