Instrumentation and monitoring of the « Gave de Pau » river

Cementys monitoring instrumentation gave de pau river

Instrumentation and monitoring of the « Gave de Pau » river

December 17th 2020

Client : SOBEGI

Location : South-West in France

Monitoring : Cementys carried out the instrumentation and monitoring of the Gave de Pau’s left bank shoreline, as well as the foundations of a four cable gateway for the Bearnaise Industrial Management Society (SOBEGI)

The project objectives:

The Gave de Pau’s riverbed presents a certain fragility which can cause long term damage. To avoid any risks, the instrumentation of that area is paramount.

Therefore, a shoreline surveillance system has to be put in place to receive alerts. If needed, they will also allow swift field interventions to prevent or limit any damages.

Cementys auscultation monitoring berges rivière surveillance


In this case, being in a difficult to reach area, instrumentation demands high quality expertise and know-how.

The gateway, which crosses the Gave de Pau over 90 meters, enables the transportation of chemicals. This represents an additional risk, rendering the need for surveillance even more crucial.

Our solutions:

A number of sensors were installed by our teams:

  • Wired Distance Meters to monitor deformations
  • Inclinometers to determine inclination angles
  • Temperature sensors


An in depth instrumentation to follow the stability of the shorelines is installed, in addition to the execution of multiple boreholes to set up in-place inclinometers.

Lastly, special cameras ensure the continuous monitoring of the shoreline and the Gave de Pau. They enable us to collect data on the speed of the river surface, the water depth and a global visual monitoring.

Intervention and long term monitoring:

The installation of all the equipment began in December and will go on for another 24 months.

If the data exceeds the set thresholds, alarms will be sent out by email, text and phone.

Our visualization platform, THM Insight, allows for safe storage and easy visualization of collected data.