Inclinometric Sensor

TiltLOG inclinometric sensor monitoring structure

Keeping track of structures tilting

TiltLog is a tilt surveillance device created for infrastructures monitoring including railways, buildings, bridges and dams.

Based on MEMS technology, TiltLog is a solid bi-axial inclinometric sensor. It can be used on its own or paired with several other TiltLogs to follow a structure’s global evolution (mapping). 

It is available in an RS485 wired version or battery powered in a LoRa wireless version.

The wired version allows to create an In-place inclinometer and proceed to static or dynamic measures. 

The wireless version allows to measure for several years going in hard access areas or when sensors are far from each other’s. 

Data displaying through our THMInsight solution offers a simplified, more efficient and 24/7 monitoring. 


TiltLog allows to monitor :

      • Pressure points for structure’s stability.
      • Construction-related effects
      • Structures behavior under high-load.
      • Deformations, sensitive areas, rotations, soil movements.

Structures Concerned

Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys
Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys Tunnel
Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys pilliers